Netgear Club Netgear Club
Join the reseller program and enjoy the benefits 加入轉售計劃並享受特別獎賞!
About the Reseller Program 關於轉售計劃
As a reseller you have one of the most powerful yet easy to use e-marketing platforms in your product portfolio. You can bring new value to your existing client base and truly leave a footprint in the clients value chain that goes well beyond service and consulting by leaving a tangible best-in-class tool in their arsenal.
But why stop there? Grow your market share by attracting new clients using eMarketeer as leverage in your sales pipeline and build new lead relations by pitching yourself as both a consulting and execution company.
As a reseller you can sell eMarketeer to both end users and to agencies in sectors such as advertising, marketing, and the likes. If you’re dedicated to growing your network of end clients and agency partners alike, there really is no limit to how far you can go with the Reseller Program.
作為轉售商,您可以將eMarketeer直接出售給用戶或者不同行業的代理商,例如廣告、市場推廣等等。 不論從那個方向發展,轉售計劃都會為您的企業提供很大的潛力。
Enjoy the Tier Benefits 享受轉售計劃的獎賞
Earn the club points and redeem valuable gifts! 獲取積分並換購禮品!
Netgear Club Mobile App Netgear Club 手機 APP
If you are a reseller company of Netgear products, download our mobile app, sign-up as a reseller and enjoy the tier benefits! 如果您是Netgear產品的轉售公司,請下載我們的手機app,註冊成為轉售商並享受所帶來的獎賞!